A powerful, heartbreaking video of an orangutan defending his tree against the loggers was recently circulated over social media. (see below)
Watching it, I felt utterly ashamed to be human, and being a practising wise woman, I decided that I needed to try to bring about change, through powerful and positive magickal intent.
So, together with some other magical friends, I have set up a Lynn McTaggart 'Power of Eight' style Intention Experiment (see below).
Every Saturday at 7pm (BST) we will take just ten minutes to be still and send a joint intention out into the universe.
The intention/mantra we will be focusing on is: "Kindness and compassion have returned to the hearts of those who would destroy the Earth - The natural balance is restored - The creatures of the Land, the Sea and the Sky are protected from extinction by human kind.'
The more people who join in, the greater the potency of this spell for change.
No experience in meditation is necessary, and it doesn't matter how you do this; the important thing is that you have positive intent and a strong common focus.
All you have to do is every Saturday at 7pm (BST) you stop what you're doing and for about 10 minutes, close your eyes and imagine how the world would look if the hearts of all of humankind were filled with love for all creatures.
Some of us will be visualising the silvery threads of the Web of Life, which connects all things as one; will be directing our intent out to every creature and human on this planet. By repeating the mantra together we will help build up momentum and make the intent stronger.
Every Full Moon I will out in the wilds of Cornwall drumming, wielding my wind-roarer and stirring my Cauldron to generate my magickal intent, I will post the times I shall be working with the Moon so you can also join me to add power to this spell each lunar month.
I have already been totally overwhelmed by the support I have had so far, from all over the globe.
I thank you for all your messages and for caring enough to join me on this magickal mission for our Blessed Earth. Together we can create one incredible magickal ripple that will resonate in the hearts of all her creatures.
Blessed Be
Michelle Mari xxx

Video clip of orangutan from website
Power of Eight introduction
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