Some people are now waking up to the fact that they are living in a media fed society that drip feeds us all from birth with false histories and no herstories, mindless television and false news.
Not everyone wants change, it can take you out of your comfort zone and fear can keep you rooted to what you believe to be an easier way of living. And as a result of their pursuit of this doctrined happiness, their eyes refuse to see what is really going on and their hearts remain closed to the magickal vibrations that radiate throughout this Universe, via the Web of Wyrd, the Web of Life.
Tis time to help them see the world through different eyes and open their hearts up to the possibility of positive change. This is the vital key, to help them remember that their actions have cause and effect. We are all an integral part of this Web and what we weave into this Web will create our future; it's time to weave in some new threads of positive change, together.
I am so utterly blown away by you all, I feel your magickal hearts resonating with mine and flowing out into the Ether, getting stronger every day.
This Saturday (14th July) I am going to be with the Sea, connecting to you all with ripples of hope
Michelle Mari xxx